Virtual Board Project

Dear Users,

This project will be retired until further notice, however download files will be still available and the application will still be up and running. If you like this project, please give us your support.

The last and final stable version VirtualBoard 2.03 is now released, please check the Download section for more details.


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Dark Ascension Cardset

Hi All,

To all of those who love magic (as I do), here is the new set of cards ready for Virtual Board: Dark Ascension is now published and compiled so you can build and test your decks, I already did my own and created the “Altar” theme deck… 😀 is mono-white and token based, here is the card list so you can enjoy it.

Deck: Altar

Non-Creature spells

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Designing … again…

Well… several issues had came up while developing the software and made me think about some improvementes needed and re-starting the whole thing again (still don’t know). For instance a comment from a user pointed that he wanted to tuck cards behind others, well virtual board is able to stack them over but tucking… still not available. So I decided to include the feature and here is where the issues started: first of all, you have to keep track of the order of the cards and its display position:  on front or behind another card; in concept this is pretty simple and Java already allows it but when sending this info over the network is where you have to be carefull to paint the components back in the order you have them on the client who send the info, so the thing is you have to send only the status for that particular card and paint it accordingly on top or behind of other cards, so a very robust synch process has to take placed here to keep a copy of the game and its order and to maintain it synched up. Now, another thing I would like to re-design is the global disposition of the components, so far I haven’t been comfortable with the general position of the game areas and the card size, so I started thinking about shrinking the card size, placing the preview pane inside the main window and make the rest of the components smaller too… At the beginning I liked the big card size, but now I saw that you can still recognize the main drawing of the card even if they are smaller, this leaves more space to the main board and allows you to handle more cards on the board… Now, communication, for a Beta I did this pretty simply and is asynchronous, the thing is that the whole game is sent over the network whenever you perform any action, the ideal thing is to send only the delta but this implies a rough re-design and prepare it to handle multiple games, this is of course thinking on mounting a server to play and meet with more people…

As you can see designing and developing software always carries a lot of considerations, so I think my goal will be to publish the version of Virtual Board 2.03Beta and leave it like that so I can then turn into producing the global re-design of it on Virtual Board 3.0… Honestly for a personal project this has been challenging, particularly because the idea is to make it popular, so I do have to produce a good software… and as you remember, all of this started only because I wanted to playtest my MTG decks =P… comments and suggestions are always welcome…

Keep following…

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Decks on Progress

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, sorry for that but Virtual Board has reached a level where I’m spending a lot of hours testing and designing decks and I’ve came up with a couple of them, mainly I play mtg for fun but some friends of mine have also tested the app to build decks and play-test them, now we are buying a couple of cards for those decks and one has filled my eye with expectations 😛 I’ve made a deck for decking the opponent, it still work in progress but the mechanic is already defined and it is behaving pretty well altough it still not at the best level like for playing it on a tournament or something like that, it has been very fun to build it and perform several modifications on it, the base of my deck is the creature card named “Undead Alchemist”, at first glimpse you don’t think this is a card that might do too much for you but once any zombie hits your opponent the party starts!! I’ve been able to up to 44 cards from my opponents deck on a single attack, and If I recall correct the most zombies I placed were around 26… lol… mechanic is pretty fun but the whole deck still need some polish before letting it completely stable…

So here is the deck, you must have the latest expansions installed on your virtual board to be able to play it, take a look at the card compilations section to download them…

Deck: Countdown to Extintion

Non-creature Spells

  • 3 Ice Cages
  • 2 Black Sun’s Zenith
  • 4 Forbidden Alchemy
  • 1 Army of Damned
  • 1 Grimoire of the Dead
  • 2 Curse of the Bloody Tome
  • 3 Dream Twist
  • 3 Moan of the Unhallowed
  • 1 Call to the Grave
Creature Spells
  • 2 Phyrexian Metamorph
  • 2 Royal Assasin
  • 4 Undead Alchemist
  • 4 Stitched Drake
  • 4 Diregraf Ghoul
  • 2 Grave Titans
  • 4 Darkslick Shores
  • 3 Nephalia Drownyard
  • 4 Drowned Catacomb
  • 6 Swamps
  • 5 Islands

Countdown to Extintion v1

Enjoy!! 😀


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Trading Forum Area

I’m trying to create a community here where we can post our cards for several games and use them in virtual board, but one of my goals is also to have a place to trade with them. As several of you might had noticed, I’m a big fan of MTG and it is the main motivation that lead me to create Virtual Board. So besides publishing card compilations I created a public area on the forum were you can post cards you are looking for, willing to be traded, bought or selled, use it freely as long as it is related with trading card games (any trading card game), spread the word with friends. Also I included a small facebook-like chat were you can meet with friends and talk about your latest strategies, decks and favorite games.

Forum Chat

Keep following, I’m still working hard on Virtual Board 😀


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Urgent – HOT FIX!!


A missconfiguration on the Virtual Board application causes it to not connect


Download the latest version that was re-published to fix this issue, find it on the download section.

Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences…


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New set of images MTG/Pokemon

Hi All,

As a Fan I finished a compilation of another set of images, please remember that all images belong to their authors and we are only spreading the word so you can go out and buy these cards after testing your decks on Virtual Board.

Remember to download the lates version of Virtual Board! 😀

Downloads are available here:


Rise of Eldrazi:

Token Cards Compilation:


Black and White:

Pokemon cards are small sized, couldn’t get anything bigger; anyone can contribute though,      if you have a compilation of any cardgame you’d like to share feel free to sign up and post it, if file is too big you’ll have to contactme.

Enjoy current compilations! :)

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Release of Virtual Board 2.02 Beta

Finally! I managed my way out to finalize the latest version of virtual board with all of the features promoted on the preview which now are real. You can find the latest version on the download section of this Blog. Please notice that the new release is not compatible with the previous versions due to some changes on the communication modules, but you can still play your decks created on the old versions since the Deck Editor remains 1.0 Beta.

The new features are:

  1. New Visual aids for commands; a set of icons to identify easier each board action.
  2. Arrow Markers; You can now depict card actions and habilities affecting other components on the board, as described previously this are meaningless for the game but still a powerfull aid when playing with someone else.
  3. Coin Markers; new tokens added, these are several color coins to represent anything in the board.
  4. Configurable Dice; now you can roll a X faces dice on the board.
  5. Chat Communication; a small chat was added to the application to interact with your friends.
  6. Full Context Menus; board and cards now have a fully operable context menu to perform several massive actions and single actions over each card, board and tokens.
  7. Stackable Cards; cards can be easily stacked over each other to ease the board disposition.
  8. Support Shared Decks; an incredibly and versatil aid to load decks on the board that are shared by both players. This new component is floating so you both can place it anywhere you like on the board, however the location is not synchronized, only its contents.
  9. Players can now select their own decks, or if you wish you can still allow the host player to set the entire game for you.
  10. Board background customizable; you can now define your own board background to depict game areas or paths that you can use to place your card or tokens accordingly.
  11. Phase switcher; this is one of the most significant changes since virtual board operates on an asynchronous manner you need to know when your opponent has finished a phase or the turn, so this new feature allow you to indicate so. If you are on phase your opponent can’t play anything unless you give the phase token back to him.
  12. The overall main deck commands was increased to 20 actions so you can have more options when testing decks.
  13. An online help is being created and you can find the shorcuts within the application on the “Help” menu.

So several cool features were added, try it out it is getting really great. I’ll be populating the help over the days so you can have some reference documents, anyway I believe the software is pretty intuitive and you will find how to use it very quick.

Keep following and don’t forget to “like” and give +1! 😀


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What about the GUI?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Still difficult to decide the look and feel, although I haven’t designed any skin yet since it will take a lot of time and I don’t feel confident enough to perform a full look and fill design ’cause  I know … Continue reading

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Icon Art

Artists… well it is quiet complicated to find a Digital Artist willing to contribute to Virtual Board project lol 😛 … so my main problem is that none of my friends do any kind of digital artwork, we are skilled on programming but not on designing so I had to come up with something, so basically I’m doing icons, so far, to try to avoid any permit or license problems on the images I’m using. I have to say that Digital Art is not one of my skills but I had managed to do a decent icon set for the commands available on Virtual Board… here is the set… :)

I’m still working polishing some stuff… I’ll try to have the next release with the features I promoted on the preview by the end of this week… keep following…

Give a like!! 😀

Virtual Board Command Icons

Icon Set

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